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May 09, 2012



I heard on NPR early yesterday morning that North Carolina had nixed same-sex marriages and I thought, well, just on moral grounds, I can't move there when I retire.

I hope the President keeps on making these statements although it will likely cost him the election. (Booo.)


the whooping in my office started about 30 seconds after he spoke, and hasn't stopped.

Amy in StL

It was all over my twitter feed yesterday and then facebook was drowning in gay joy. However, all was hush here at the office since there are a lot of Republicans and St. Charles folk here.


I think retirees choosing not to retire to N.C. would be an effective protest.
Personally, I don't understand the obsession with gays. But then I'm from San Francisco.


I did a little personal whooping in my car when I heard the news on the radio. Sorry you didn't hear me!


It won't cost him the election. I guarantee they studied that before he said anything. It's not a slam against him or Democrats. Republicans do the same thing. But he could've (and I think would've) kept quiet until December if he thought it would change his chances.


Becs- Hattie likes your idea. I like it too. No NC for me.
Magpie - I tried to whoop a little bit and it was shrugged off.
Amy in StL - I know. Saint Charles. We need to loosen this place up.
Hattie - Missouri is another one of those states you can't retire too - it's outlawed here too. Sigh.
Kriste - Yes, obviously you were too subdued
Caroline - It was interesting watching the press play the poor press secretary. "Things are as the always were."

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