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May 22, 2012



I'd like to go to Iceland. Or Greenland, or both.


It's almost winter in New Zealand.


Pacific NW rainforests!


Elisabeth beat me to it, but it's as if you've just said "Washington State" to me.


Haven't been to Kauai in a few years, but it is magical.
We're gone a lot, but perhaps we could cross paths if you do come to Hawaii.
Have you thought about an Alaska Cruise? That's what I would do, with your tastes and interests. I want to try it next summer myself.


Duh. I posted this before I finished reading what you wrote. Yes! An Alaska cruise would be perfect for you!


There may not be bears or alligators, but there are mystery deer.


Imagine, flying all the way to Hawaii just to hit a deer like you could have a mile from home!


Zayrina - I'm thinking Nova Scotia: that was close enough for the Vikings.
Becs - Oh, I mentioned NZ, but that's two days on a plane. I don't know if Gary can handle that.
Elisabeth - Hm. The only thing I know of in Wash. is Seattle. They have rainforests?
Tami - Two votes for Wash state then.
Hattie - That's the next thing I'm researching. After that, Nova Scotia.
Caroline - My god, wait till I tell Gary the biologist. He's still bummed someone brought over insects.

Big Dot

Also, no mammals here in NZ, apart from the human ones. Just birds. (Alligators aren't mammals either, of course.)

Scotland and Ireland are pretty reliably overcast, and have deer and foxes and suchlike. Plus whisk(e)y!

Hot Mom

I hear Portland is nice.


Big Dot - What? No wallabies, wombats, kangaroos?
Hot Mom - I hear it is lovely. Lots of good tea places for elderly ladies to lunch.

Big Dot

Augh! Not us! That's the other lot. Shocking faux pas, Queen. Tch.


Big Dot - Pish, I knew that. Just winding you up, love.

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