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May 15, 2012



When I lived in Florida, I was on the back porch one morning and someone opened fire on the neighborhood. Or was just dicking around. I heard a couple of bullets rattle down the aluminum roof. I called the cops and they sent out about six officers who stood and looked around and told me I should probably stay inside for the rest of the day.

Ya think?


I hear gunfire around here occasionally. What concerns me is when I hear it and the police helicoptor on the same night.

Of course, I'm also used to police in my neighborhood and barely blink an eye at them unless they have guns drawn. I've only stumbled across that once personally, but there have been at least two other major instances I know of.

How is it that we live only a mile apart?


Becs - This is why I don't go out on New Years Eve. Random drunken gunfire.
Caroline - Are there some tracks between us you live on the wrong side of? No! I think you're just more aware of helicopters and gunfire because it's quiet at your house.

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