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May 14, 2012



Those were some pretty big cupcakes. Perhaps minis?


Your dr. spends way too much time writing in his blog. Is this what he does when you're cooling your heels in the waiting room?


If you can possibly avoid Prilosec and the like, do so! That's what started this kidney crap I'm going through now. Prilosec and all those meds that suppress stomach acid 24/7 reduce your body's ability to break down calcium, leading to osteoporosis. (Look it up. There are class action lawsuits in the works.)

My acid reflux was bad enough that it had burned my esophagus badly enough that I was no longer feeling the burn until the acid was actually in my mouth. Doctor was worried about cell changes leading to cancer, so I was on Nexium then Prilosec for four years. When my hip scan said osteopenia and blood work said low blood calcium, the GP told me to increase my calcium supplements. That's what led to the kidney stones and blockage. And now I may be headed for kidney failure, all caused by Nexium and Prilosec, who probably won't have to pay any class action penalties because the package clearly says not to take for more than two weeks (while having assured doctors that taking it for years was safe).

I recommend Tums. They work, and don't mess you up. I "cured" my acid reflux by losing 40 pounds on the low carb low fat 6 meals a day diet, and then staying on that diet. When I splurge, I use Tums.

If that doesn't work for you, there's laparoscopic surgery to tighten up the valve. Still better than a broken hip or kidney failure.


Caroline - Well, the mini 100 calorie bag of oreos did not make me cough.
Becs - No, he only writes once a week!
~~Silk - This is great information! Thank you.


It's hard to think of a way of eating you like that is not going to cause you problems, it sounds like. It does help me not to eat too much at any one time.


I have taken Prilocec since I was in my mid 20's so about 25 years. Daily ever since, about 40 mg a day. My bones are like concrete. Of course I am a big girl and bone loss isn't much of an issue for big girls. My kidneys are functioning fabulously. It is amazing how different humans are under the skin. To me laproscopic surgery is not worth the risk of both anesthesia or of infection to cure heartburn when there is a quick, and generally safe pharmaceutical intervention available. Just a differing opinion offered up.


Hattie - I need to start doing that. I could have had far less Chinese food today, for example. Coffee seems like the only thing I can't take in small doses. Perhaps I might lose weight and my stomach will be happy again.
Zayrina - That's true, every person is different, but I know I get every side effect of every drug I take. I've never had surgery, and never intend to if I can help it.

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