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May 26, 2012



Ha! I ran across this same situation and was disappointed they didn't have titles like "Savior" or "Overlord" or even "Demi-God"... because, hey, who wouldn't want a title like that? I ended up going with "Captain."

What's the icon for "Lady Hosts?" he said, wondering if prostitution prohibition laws are valid in international waters...


Wait a second... YOU LIE! My link was not autmatically linked!


I have to admit, I was very intrigued to learn that male prostitution is legal both in Nevada and parts of Canada. How gratifying to learn it's a-okay on the high seas.


Dave -I hunted through my blog to see if I had said it before because it seemed SO familiar! It wasn't me, it was you. You did it better.
Becs - seriously, gigolos on the seas


I get mail addressed to Baronness because I was so tickled by a drop down menu like that when ordering from Boden. Cracks me up.


Sign me up!! But don't tell my husband!!!!!!!!!!!


Magpie - Never heard of Boden - the web site seems wonderful. No idea there was a particular type of dress worn for The Jubilee.
Hattie - I looked at some photos of them. Fair.


I... I am going in the wrong direction, financially. Damn.


Tami - they should have thrown something in tha list so we could feel like we aren't the dregs. Maybe "Sister wife."

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