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May 12, 2012



Mine never involved puking. It just involved feeling like a very rude person had put his fist up me and was trying to tear out my uterus by the roots. Dr. put me on the pill which in those days were in the Mattel (R) toy-like container. Then the calendar row. Xman convinced me to give up The Pill and so I would be in agony or a stupor for at least two days a month. Then I have a doctor cut out my uterus and I was never happier in my life.

Big Dot

I never had baby dolls either, or dolls at all, in fact. I did have a menagerie of toy animals. I showed no interest in babies at all until I was 35, then I had two in quick succession and was glad when they weren't babies any more, and haven't been interested in babies again. The second one I named after my cat at the time. She's never forgiven me.


The baby, or the cat?

Big Dot

Both, actually. Things were difficult, for a time.


Becs - But do you miss your uterus moving during orgasm?
Big Dot - Ohhh, I had a stuffed purple snake I adored. And I had a high school boyfriend (also adored) named after his parent's dog, Joey. He's going by Joeseph now, which worries me, because it might have all been a lie about being named after the dog, which calls in to question what I wrote on his Congratulations On Your New Baby card : "Glad to hear you didn't name her Baggins."


Oh my god, PLEASE tell me that you're kidding about the uterus moving.


Also, know that I am sad because they took the birth control pills away from me after I had a pulmonary embolism. Bastards.


Tami - Wait - that's not true? Where did I hear that? I think it was in The Women's Room by Marilyn French. Orrrr - maybe it was on Thirtysomething. Have I been misled?

Also, Bastards. Have they no priorities?

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