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May 28, 2012



This is not normal.


It may not be normal but as long as he's nice, don't see the prob. Then again, I have no annoying relatives simply because I have no relatives.

Count your blessings.


I am in the count your blessings club. I have one full brother who is a recovering alcoholic with about 2 neurons left floating about in his pickled brain. He does not have my number for various well founded reasons. It would be wonderful to have a caring and normal sibling who actually gave a shit about something besides himself enough to call to see if I was still breathing.

Seriously you need to count your blessings.


Hattie - I certainly don't think so.
Becs - Yeah ... I don't mention Dave very often because he's one of the few people I can't laugh at. He wasn't diagnosed as rapid-cycling bipolar until late in lifeso he dealt with that by drinking. He drank and smoked weed from his early teens till his late twenties, as opposed to, say, maturing.
Zayrina - Dave doesn't have my work or cell number for those same reasons. Actually, mine's a recovering alcoholic too. I feel funny mentioning it (because of the "A"). He's been in the program for 20 years, and ten years ago he began saying things like "So how's your dog?" I expressed surprise and he said the people in the program had said he needed to work on that. He's slipped a little lately though.

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