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May 30, 2012



Uh...yeah, I freakin feel your pain.


My heart bleeds for you. I think you ought to do Alaska! I think I'd go with the navy sneakers and the red Birkies with the silver buckle.

Amy in StL

Yeah, I can't really relate - sounds like an awesome dilemma though. I'm just trying to save up enough vacation time to take an actual vacation - I keep spending it a day at a time as mental health time.


Then again...sorry for the snark. After all, you lost your mom, a very good mom it sounds like, and bless you for your patience, but Gary would be under the garage floor right now if I had to deal.

So to heck with me and Amy and go buy yourself some shoes.


omg - we are shoe sisters! I have never ever seen anyone else's shoes and thought 'I would buy EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF THOSE. Of course I don't. I just clomp around in combat boots and ugly orthotic sandals. But I'm starting to think this might have to change.



What's the Aussie/American dollar exchange rate?

You should go to Monaco and gamble. I'm sure that would give me many hilarious stories to read. Many hilarious stories!


Becs- I know.
Hattie - but would you go with the red Birkies knowing they cost $180? I can't. But twice as much seems reasonable for a helicopter ride on vacation.
Amy in StL - Gary was saying that our weekends are what other people would call vacation (or mental health days). We piddle around and do nothing and relax.
Becs- Snark away! I was fully expecting snark. I know how I sound. I was thinking I might need to hint at my MS soon so I sound pitiable. Sickly little trouper braving the sun!
Aliison - NO interest in Morocco. It sounds hot with no breeze. And, I say to you, shoes of the dead. Get to eBay.
Tami - Gary has kiboshed Australia as too far away. I thought about Monaco. Hey, I'm a good gambler.Except for the second time I played roulette. I put $50 in red and lost.


Monaco? As in "Dr. Emil Schiffhausen"?

Why does everything seem to center around a Steve Martin movie today?

Oh and I think you should def play the MS card. It's time.


Oops. Sorry. That wasn't Monaco. That was Beaumont-sur-mer. Like it makes a difference.


Becs - That was the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels movie? Or LA story? And I cant play the MS card because The Bloggess is appropriating it for herself. http://thebloggess.com/2012/06/back-on-tour-last-leg-probably/

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