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May 01, 2012



I think it is wonderful that your yard is so full of critters.

Amy in StL

My retired dad spends so much time trying to foil the squirrels he might go off the deep end if there was a raccoon. I won't mention why my boyfriend feeds the squirrels and opposum - let's just say it's revenge for eating all his vegetable garden and digging in his compost pile.


My Dad had a feeder-raiding chipmunk. Raccoon TOTALLY tops chipmunk. Yeah, those butterflies - so whorey.


And who's in the backyard doing the dance of the seven veils? Oh wait, is there a connection between the seven veils and the seven deadly sins? How about Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Or the seventh seal? I think I've digressed.


Hattie - Except for the slutterflies.
Amy in StL - Raccoons don't wait for you to feed them. They are thieves. What's the animal that appears to wash its hands as it eats?
Allison - No! Chipmunks are ADORABLE.
Magpie - Now I have that song "Tradition!" from Fiddler on the Roof in my head, only it's "Digression!"

Big Dot

Just be glad you don't have foxes. I saw a programme on TV last night about building The Shard, London's highest skyscraper, and they found a fox on the 72nd floor before it was even finished.


Big Dot - Now, from that I just have to assume the construction workers on that floor had a lot of food sitting about. Do people still hunt foxes in the UK?

By the way, I answered NZ for a trivia question tonight (Where are Maori from) and got it right.

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