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May 08, 2012



Sweet Tea Vodka! It's my go-to drink at bars now, but I just have them cut mine with a little water instead of lemonade. I love it!

Amy in StL

I don't usually drink Sweet Tea Vodka in bars because it's the icky Jeremiah Weed brand. The Firefly is so much sweeter and milder - like all quality vodkas. I drink mine with Crystal Light Sweet Tea; because I never liked an Arnold Palmer.

My dad was on Prilosec for years and it didn't cause him problems until last year (when it caused leg cramps). If you go to your doctor then the prescription is cheaper than OTC.


I cough all the time, although I don't usually puke. I feel allergic to the world although when I finally went to the allergist it turns out I'm allergic to - drum roll - nothing! He did mention reflux cough. I hope this sticks for you. I'm trying to imagine sweet tea vodka. Probably can't get it in Canada. Stupid Canada. Oh well, at least we let gay people get married. :)


Faythe - how much water is a little?
Amy in StL - Ug! I had that Weed stuff. Awful.
Allison - Yeah, well, we've convinced the president it's a good idea! That's a start...

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