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May 29, 2012



Yeah, with you there on the mozz. Or as we say in Jersey, "mootz".

Amy in StL

I dated a guy who was very high maintenance about his reflux issues. I get everything but the baked cheetos. He also had problems with most tomato products and a lot of fried stuff. He also just had problems... but that really isn't relevant.


I might die without coffee. Seriously, I think that my BCL (blood/coffee level) is WAY above .08% by now.

I could live without baked cheetos pretty easily, though. I have been doing so for quite some time without even thinking about it.


Becs - Mootz is only good on pizza, and pizza makes me cough now.
Amy in StL - I keep thinking of Ignatius in Confederacy of Dunces. I get stressed and it troubles "my valve." Tomatoes don't seem to trouble me, but I dont eat many. I shouldn't have said "baked" cheetoes: I meant regular cheetoes as opposed to the puffs. I'm going to try not to be too high maintenance.
Tami - I've been fine without coffee, since I never get any on the weekends anyway. Plus, the decaf I've got from the nespresso people tastes pretty strong.

Amy in StL

Just to be clear, I meant high maintenance stuff like setting an alarm on his phone so he didn't eat trigger foods after a certain time; sleeping on his left side only since that supposedly was better for his reflux, insisting our pizza making party only included non-tomato non-spicy ingredients.... for everyone so he didn't accidentally ingest something verboten.


Is it possible that while eating the Cheetos you just had to cough? Have you repeated the experiment with them?


Amy in StL -Okay, that last one is just absurd. Is he protecting everyine else from reflux?
Caroline- Good point. It can't be the cheese; I had a vat of mac and cheese at lunch and I was fine. No, I lie to myself. This isn't a cough, it's a cough till I vomit cough. Then again, maybe that's my normal cough. Ah, self-delusion.

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