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April 24, 2012



I've heard lasagne noodle masque is very beneficial to the complexion. Next time, photos.


Yes, much as I like the picture of the fatty fatty belly, I'd like to have seen the noodle drape.


It sounds like the lasagna was missing meat.


Becs - No time. He instantly woke up and hurled it off his face.
Magpie - maybe next time. I did wear it as a stole for a bit.
Caroline - No, it had a pound of italian sausage. But somehow the next day I can;t seem to find it. Does it sink to the bottom or something?


I always felt like "no one cares what you had for lunch" was A) a pretty snotty book title and B) absolutely terrible blogging advice. This is precisely why I read blogs: I want the glimpse into someone else's life --- the quotidian details, the sublime and the silly --- that includes the tiny personal details like, ooooh, what you had for lunch.

p.s.- I knew pork belly would be AWESOME.


Elsa - Well, when what you have for lunch is pork belly someone should care. Thank you for caring. I've now had this one good pork belly and and one bad. So popular it must usually be good. An evil thought just popped in to my head. "I wonder if I could make it at home?"

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