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April 29, 2012



I'm glad you're feeling better.

But yes, crows are evil. Even Stephen King thinks so. Messengers for evil.

I think I am the only person in North America who like possum and I'm not talking about what's for dinner. I've always found them adorable...at a distance.


ewwww...opossums creep me out. One tried to keep me from going into my own house one night by standing guard on the gate. He wouldn't budge, even when I gently ran into the gate with my car. And those beady eyes...


The camera falling over made me LOL. Thank you.


I read that an average possum is probably smarter than most dogs. They seem stupid because they move so slowly.


I love crows! It's people who are evil.


Becs - They do have big eyes.
Kirstie - At least they don't dart around like bugs, like squirrels do.
Marcia - I guess a crow landed on it.
Zayrina - Well, and they drool. More than dogs.
Hattie - But when they all get together up in the trees and scream, you like that?

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