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April 25, 2012



Yet in our culture this is a huge gaffe and really ought to have been taken into consideration by those sending out the invitation. How do they expect others from a different culture to know what it means, by osmosis perhaps? I might not have looked it up as you did and might have, in fact, given them a Cuisinart that was not wrapped. Or a goat on a leash.


Could you buy your gift at the Dollar Store? Or Dollar General?


fascinating. i'm with gary on the "i'll buy what i want to". also, "no boxed gifts" does kind of sound like "gifts that are not in boxes are okay".

are both the nephew and the bride pakistani/indian?

Amy in StL

So if it's tradition in their culture to give cash why would they have to worry about getting cheap gifts from those in their culture? If they don't register somewhere, I assume they don't need anything. In this case, I'd probably get them a card and include a note that I couldn't think of a gift that didn't come in a box so I donated money to a charity instead. Sorry, it's tacky and greedy to essentially ask for cash.


I think we have a right to our customs, which are in this regard not to give cash.


Very thoughtful of you to be curious enough to investigate. I'm sure they'll appreciate your respect.


Daughter and Hercules were pure class. "No gifts, thank you."


I'm picturing a table full of unboxed gifts that result in an anti-Jenga stacking game. They could use the wads of cash to fill in gaps as needed.


Zayrina - Well, now that I think of it some more, it only had to be stated to the white people who were attending, and I only know about the three of us (Mr W is not attending, he has home responsibilities). Perhaps she has a lot of white friends. Surely the nephew would know his family was going to give cash anyway, it's all he's wanted for any birthday.
Becs - Do they sell those bags of shredded money at the Dollar store?
Magpie- They average .75 Pakistani. She's 100% and he's half.
Amy in StL - It's tacky and greedy to expect gifts at all, as I understand it. And cash is certainly more practical. And at least they didn't do a "Dollar dance" as I was pressured to do at my wedding.
Hattie - That's my custom, but it is not the S____ way. They give cash if it is family, espcially this branch of the family.
Marcia - They'll have no idea. They were going to get a check and a gift, now it's just a check.
~~Silk - That IS class. Did anyone listen? Gary would have bought them a gift anyway.
Caroline - Well, then they wouldn't do the worst thing I've ever seen at a wedding - opening the gifts.

Friend #8

Bring them an empty gift bag with a big #1 on it.


Friend #8 - There you are. Win!

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