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March 12, 2012



Oh, please, not the beach linen madness. I vote on the sparkly. I have discovered that brown people like it (at least the ones I've known) when you appear to want to fit in with all the other sparkly. Besides, it's the prettiest one of the bunch imho.

Amy in StL

I'm sorry; I don't think the bride - unless she's a bridezilla - has any right to ask that people not wear certain colors. In other news, WTF is her wedding party wearing that is all those colors? Is she planning on beating the crap out of them earlier so they're all nice bruisy colors? I respect not wearing white - I even once didn't wear a white and grey seersucker because it looked white from afar - but when they list so many colors? Craziness!


Got to agree with Amy. I think I would feel a migraine coming on....


Damn, I love that red jacket, but I tend to love things with a waist. Mostly because I don't have one myself and somehow think that I can create the illusion of one. Mostly, I wind up looking like a barrel.

Spring for the duster! I love the duster. Not so much with the beachy things. The taupe-ish chiffon number is pretty, but the pants are a gamble.


Becs - I checked at work with a woman who is married to a Pakistani. She says they'd love it. I guess it would be like seeing a woman who is usually in a sari wearing a suit at church.
Amy in StL - Enh, I'm okay with it. She's made a lot of compromises already (a mere two-day wedding!) so she can be a little bossy. I think she wants to make sure her family looks special, and that's okay. The bridesmaids are in Lavender and gold (thus damning plum and purple as well). White black and navy are probably just not festive enough. It is going to make it tough for Gary to dress.
Zayrina - Oh, we don't tempt the migraine ...
Snow- Well, there are pants liners I can buy. I don't know how I know about the "Pants slip" but I do. I think my grandma wore them.


Can you borrow the hat from Princess Beatrice?


My first thought on the blue sparkly one was that I've seen you in it before. What outfit am I thinking of?


Benchmark - Hats are tricky. Can't wear a hat indoors after 6pm. Somehow I think this is an evening wedding. Plus, that hat was beige; it wouldn't match.
Caroline - I have no idea. I do have a lot of necklaces in that aqua / topaz color combo.

Both arrived today, and both fit. I look like a rectangle in the blue, and quite curvy in the brown. The pants of the brown are slit from hem to knee, so that would need to change. The blue is too "LOOK AT ME" according to Gary. It looks more subdued with the blue pants swapped out with grey. I may have to leave the decision up to the relatives.

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