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March 14, 2012


Amy in StL

Pinkeye is veeeerrrrrryyyyy contagious. I got it from an outdoor picnic where someone had it. She had been rubbing her eyes and touched the cooler handle to retrieve beer, which I then touched. It was a windy day so at some point I touched my eye and the next thing I knew I was tossing all my eye makeup that I might have used in order to not recontaminate myself. All of it except that really expensive mascara - I was in college - that I was sure I hadn't used. I had pink eye again the next month.


Oh thanks SO much. If I have to gouge out my own eye, it's your fault.


I came back from Phoenix with pinkeye, and no wonder. It's gone now.


Pinkeye is the worst. I'd rather have a nasty stomach virus, not that I'm putting in requests.


Amy in StL - Handily, I save the eye makeup for special events.
Allison - No! I'm spreading he word that pinkeye is NOT only from poop. Could be a virus. No gouging.
Hattie -No wonder? Babies? Poopy little babies?
Caroline - Really? We can trade next time. I'm quite comfortable with stomach viruses.

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