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February 02, 2012



I don't recall ever watching the Thunderbirds although I recall Fireball XL5 pretty clearly. And har har on the rest.


What must it be like to have hair that's helmet-perfect?

Big Dot

That woman is terrifyingly focused. When she's at her husband's side listening to him speak, I can't keep my eyes off her. She's sending out rays.


Zayrina - I've got to find that Frieball show on Hulu or somewhere.
Tami - I know. And she wasn't always that way. She had curled bangs at one time and normak middle-class hair.
Big Dot - Oh, but when she's pissed you can really see her jaw set. Such as when Newt said all the candidates wives would make excellent first ladies.


Brilliant! The photo comparison is worthy of Stewart and Colbert!


Marcia - I am America and so can you.


Oh this is rich! Mitt the Muppet!
Those who know him personally say he is a nice guy, but we all know where nice guys end up, don't we.


Hattie - It was almost as good as the comparison between the sesame street soup muppet and RNC chairman Michael Steele:

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