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February 15, 2012



While I cannot offer that you are not crazy I can offer that we all mumble and mutter to ourselves on our way down life's path. Some of it is even audible.


I picture you more as the woman who thinks her doll is a baby, so when you mumble we'll all think you're talking to it.


Zayrina - I kind of think it would be less crazy if it were audible.
Caroline - What doll? Is there always an old lady with a doll in the home? Who gives her the doll? What a scary thought. I'd be muttering "Get this creepy doll away fromme."


There's always an old woman with a doll.


Caroline - ewwww. Lord, save me.


Dolls? I talk to my cat, and he talks back. He is a better conversationalist than most people I know.


Hattie - I whisper to my dog. Oh, I'll be the crazy old lady whispering to her imaginary dog.

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