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February 14, 2012



It needs to go right next to the miniature crown roast - equally adorable. Hoping cheesecake is good for Gary's migraine.


I long for congealed pork, myself. Glad you had a survivable Valentine's Day.

Amy in StL

Yay, surprise cheesecake! I got Bill some surprise chocolate covered strawberries and in return I got a surprise steak dinner when I got home from the gym. I think I got the better deal....

Big Dot

Where did my comment go? Did you censor it because it contained the word 'buttocks'?


Mare - wee food! And one of those little chubbie Dr Peppers.
Hattie - It was good ... only that cheese cake was mainly whipped cream.
Amy in StL - Oh, you did. I washed my hair for Gary. That's all he got.
Big Dot - huh? Was it in Russian? I deleted something in Russian. Oh, if it has these terms: c1al1s, Loubout1n, 0akley, 5upra, v1agra, it disappears into the void.

Big Dot

I said the chocolate-covered item in the foreground reminded me of brown buttocks displaying what I would have called, had I been of a coarser disposition, Plumber's Crack.

And that I thought at first that the words read 'Bite Me' because I'm so out of touch with my romantic side.


I really, truly,glimpsed at the picture out of the corner of my eye and could have sworn it said "Bite Me". Now that's love!


Big Dot - That is coarse!
Elisabeth - Two Bite Me sightings in a row. I say it more often than "Be Mine," I am sure.

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