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February 22, 2012



As a Moderate,I declare that we will overcome the Christian Right Taliban.

Including the idiot from Indiana who has declared the Girl Scouts to be a lesbian making tentacle of Planed Parenthood.

Nutsy BoBo.


Our medical system is a mess.


Zayrina - He has a wonky lopsided face. I don't trust him.

Hattie - But, is there one better?

All - I have a question. There are two ways to interpret "Everyone has a right to affordable health care."

A: "Everyone has a right to the best quality health care, made affordable."


B: "Everone has a right to the most affordable health care we have right now, generic Tier 1 prescriptions, etc."

I realized today I've been using the A interpretation, but that the B interpretation works too.

So, which is your automatic interpretation?


I would settle quite happily for B.


Zayrina- Yes, both good choices,but, did you automatically assume the phrase meant B when you've heard it before? If so, I have two As and one B.


I'm a solid B. What I hope for is that everyone has some access to at least a basic health care benefit. You have only to volunteer in a rural or urban free clinic to see the true horror of no health care.


Mare - That ties it up. 2 As, 2 Bs.

Hot Mom

"...but the government shouldn't be telling a religious organization to pay for my birth control. That's a huge conflict of church and state."

Churches, no, they shouldn't. If you want birth control, don't work for the church. However, it's not just about churches, it's about people who run companies choosing health care for their employees based on the bosses' religious beliefs.

What would you say if you heard about for a company run by a Christian Scientist who refused to provide health insurance for his/her employees because medical care was in conflict with his/her beliefs?

If we bend for Catholics, we have to bend for all religions. It's not just about the rich religions.


Hot Mom - I would not work for that company any longer. We worked for a small company, and we knew someone who had problems 'Eliot' did business with our friend Planned Parenthood. She left. If my religious views were in conflict with my boss, I'd leave. Benefits are one of the reasons I work for Teddy. If TeddyJ had a sudden conversion and refused birth control, screw him, I'd leave. If I worked for Dominos and they pulled that I'd leave. Eliot didn't provide good enough insurance initially, I know a guy with seven kids who left. I don't see quitting as bending, I guess. If you don't work for the state you have to enter into an agreement with your employer, and I guess if "corporations are people" they can havce opinions, and if opinions don't gel you break up.

I think if Eliot converted to Islam and demanded everyone wear burkas, that would be the rule and I could leave if I liked.

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