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February 23, 2012


Big Dot

Well, that's the happy ending I think I had my fingers crossed for - details?




Always happy to see someone dodge a bullet.


Now YOU are Awesome Woman. Bear the badge proudly. Congrats and whew!




Congratulations. There is justice in this world, after all.


Very nice! This is great news!!!


Big Dot - Details? Here's the key: The first time I called the drug company I hit the button for "Patient," the second time I hit the button for "Transition form clinical trial" like I did a year ago.
Silk - Yep!
Zayrina - Very very dodged. Sounds like I get to dodge each year. And the pharmacy called with a very different number on Friday. So, I need to make more calls again Monday, but I am encouraged.
Becs - No, I still can't setup my printer. YOU are Awsome Woman. I am absurdly fortunate woman.
Mare - I know! Sweet!
Hattie - Well, I do kind of think Justice would have been something between $1k a month and $0. This is Justice Plus.
Marcia - Yes, I think you'd gone home when I found out.

Hot Mom

I overheard! I can witness.

Plus, because everyone else was working from home yesterday, she came by my desk and filled me in.

I felt so honored. (And I'm really, really happy for her.)


Hot Mom - I did the happy dance.

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