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February 09, 2012



Oh man. Hope you're feeling better.


A very mild case of norovirus? What's your blood type? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norovirus. (Note: "flu" is respiratory. There's no such thing as "stomach/intestinal flu".)

If it was noro, you were lucky. Noro is only 24 hours, but usually you want to die, literally, but you're too weak to cut your wrists. I am blood type O, and I never want to get norovirus again.


Noro only 24 hours? Not at our house. I have had it several times because I am constantly exposed to all sorts of things at work and Noro is one of them. Never lasts less than 3 days and there has always been loads of nausea, vomiting, fever with intense chills, and plenty of uncontrolled diarrhea. We keep Depends in the house. The last round of it was about a month ago. Hit me and them the rest of the department I work for. It is horrible. Sounds like you had something more run of the mill. Still bad enough, hope you are on the mend.


Oh,dear. I can't remember the last time I even dared to look at food like that. I hope you are feeling better now.


We've has several nasty gut bugs going around here in the past months, but most have been associated with several days of GI upset and sometimes fever and aches. I'm thinking that kind of 911 gut dump is often good ol' food poisoning - wonky fish will do that to ya...
Hope you are feeling better!

Big Dot

Nasty. I had campylobacter once (for a week) - no fun at all and I've never felt the same way about liquorice green ever again.

But 'Great Bowel Shift'? Clever!


Becs - Much much better. All strightened out now, thank you.
~~Silk - Evidently Gary read your comment. Whenever I try to kiss him he backs off and cries "Don't give me your norovirus!"
Zayrina - I would be all mended except I had chocolate cake shots, beer, and wine last night.
Hattie - It's the last time I'll have the fish. Unless it looks perfect. Which will probably be next Wednesday.
Mare - The woman I complained to at the cafeteria said it took 24 hours for food poisining to show up. As I understand it, she was wrong.Didn't she watch Bridesmaids?
Big Dot - Well, that looks awful (you have again sent me to Wikipedia.) Nasty corkscrew stuff.

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