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February 26, 2012



So glad to read the article on sleep - have been labelled an insomniac because of frequently being up from about 2-4 or 5 am!


Mare - I find now that I call naps my "first sleep."


I think my son is on that 4-up-4 schedule. At least he has stopped trying to get the rest of us to join him.


Caroline - what does he get up to at midnight, though? Does he have dinner?


For a while he got up to jump, giggle, and just be 2 for an hour. Now he gets up to come in our room and go right back to sleep.


Caroline - Sounds like he needs a good light breakfast at that time, then back to bed.

Big Dot

Ever since you posted this, I've been waking at 2am and lying there for hours in the dark waiting for my second sleep. Like now, for instance. Thanks for that.


Big Dot - See, this is when Gary's grandparents would get up and eat pickled meats. Try that.

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