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February 29, 2012



I KNOW. Mike was (and is) just weird and off in his own great big world. Peter was sweet and spacey. Mickey tried too hard. But Davy was just right.

And let's face it, as possible as it seems, Mrs. Steve Allen will have to go join him in Game Show Heaven sometime.


Betty is more active right now than most of you morbid individuals have been in your lives. She will outlive you all and spit on your graves.


That is so wrong! And made me laugh way too hard. Long live Betty!

Amy in StL

You shut your dirty mouth! I'm rooting for Vanilla Ice.

Big Dot

Davy was too cute: preferring him was just too obvious. It was Mike Nesmith for me. But I'm sorry he's gone, he was too young. (Though he didn't look it any more.) (But then, neither do I.)

Betty is too old for your rule - it would have to be someone else too young to die, like Whitney and Davy were. How about Mary (TM)? Or is she dead already?


MTM is 75- not really in a too young to die category.


Andrew Breibart, 43. Andy to his friends. Dropped dead taking a walk.


I loved Davy!! I had the chance to meet them when I was 8 years old, but I was so shy I told my dad no. Big regret now. :-(


Becs- I actually liked Peter better than Davy, because everyone liked Davy. Had to throw Peter a bone. I just saw him on Rachel Maddow. Looks much scruffier.
Zayrina - Her bones are fragile. I'd just kick out a kneecap if she tried anything with me.
Trisha - Oh, another Betty fan. It's just like Peter and Davy all over again. I am turning against Betty because everyone loves her.
Amy in StL - I was indifferent to Vanilla Ice until I visited Wiki[edia just now and see he named a child Dusti Rain. He must die.
Big Dot- Mary is married to a plastic surgeon and will never appear to be dead.
Zayrina - I really enjoyed not having my phone all day, then coming home to this spirited discussion.
~~Silk - Yes, BUT not beloved. But good try on "Andy" with the Y. I have been convinced now it will be someone too young to die. (Gasp! Chelsea! Chelsea Clinton!)
Marcia - Details. How did your dad have truck with the Monkees?

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