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January 02, 2012



My house needs cleaning. Oh god does it need cleaning.
I'm glad you found your missing bear. If that's all you're missing you are one lucky woman.


Is the bear supposed to be committing an indecent sex act on the other bear?

Big Dot

My husband came home from work and I still hadn't had a shower or got dressed, and all because I thought I'd just tidy the study. And it STILL wasn't (isn't) finished!

2012 in our house is going to be The Year of Getting Rid of Stuff.


Hattie - No. I'm missing a pizza cutter and a bunch of lids, and I just replaced them. Of course they'll turn up.
Allison - No! he's the Quarterback Bear!
Big Dot - And you know once you start purging, everything must be purged.


I'm in the middle of a frightening purge. 7 contractor bags with of garbage, so far. I'm only doing my bedroom. Realizing that you can turn hoarder at any second is terrifying.

Congratulations in finding the bear! In my scouring, I found a phone I've been missing for 4 months.

Hot Mom

I'd chide you for losing the bear but I've been at your house at least twice this year and never noticed Sir Dangle.

Did he have a good ride?


Hot Mom - All the blood rushed to his head, but he's okay now.

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