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January 09, 2012



Yes, birds can be bred for color and feather length. Visit the fancy poultry barn at a large state agricultural fair.

In the wild they tend to be pretty standard, though, because birds are programmed to find certain features attractive in a mate, so any bird "off standard" might find difficulty mating.


That reminded me - The Man and I were feeding ducks on the Hudson River one day, brown wild ducks, when we noticed that one of the flock was a white domestic duck. She seemed to be quite accepted by the wild ducks. He thought that was wonderful, that a domestic duck had escaped and found acceptance in a wild flock.

A few weeks later, same place, same flock, and now the white duck was accompanied by a bunch of baby ducklings, all pintos - white with brown spots and brown with white spots. Made his day.


The word "octaroon" always makes me giggle.

Hot Mom

Now I know what a female cardinal looks like. Not what I thought was female cardinal at all. That male cardinal who visits our backyard every year is a swinger.


~~Silk - it's sad to think that our mixed race love-child of an egret and a cardinal may never find acceptance.
Tami - "quadroon" should be funnier, because of the "k" sound.
Hot Mom - Oh, I bet you'll see the female all the time now. They mate for life, I think.


The "hot" one could just be a youngster, but all cardinals are not created equal...go here for some typing fun - http://www.migrationresearch.org/mbo/id/noca.html


We have cardinals around here. They are not natives, but they are mighty happy in Hawaii. I must say I have never seen such a pale female cardinal.
Mulatto! That's funny. He meant albino?


Mare - That is fascinating! By the way, it seems starlings and a catbird have made their way to our area.
Hattie - Oh! I assumed he meant mullato, or mixed-race, but I bet he meant albino. That makes more sense!

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