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January 30, 2012



What does that mean, roll 220?


Ex#2 used to rewrite history. You could show him hard evidence, photos, get testimony from others who were there, and his eyes would glaze over and he'd continue to deny or to insist on his version. It was maddening enough when it was about him, but drove me absolutely batsh*t when it was about me.

He once insisted I'd had a surgery on my back that had been recommended, but that I'd never even considered. He distinctly remembered caring for me after the surgery, and when I showed him "look, no scars", he shrugged and said "You heal nicely." AAAAAAGH!

There's nothing you can do but smile and say "Yes Dear." And then leave.


Becs- It's sort of a running gag on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart will show a clip of, say, Mitt Romney saying, "I would never endorse abortion." Then Stewart will demand "Roll 220!" and there'll be a different clip with Mitt saying "I firmly endorse abortion." I suppose it's like "Roll tape" but the tapes are numbered.
~~Silk - Yes! Yes! And they are so convinced. MADDENING.


Imagine the righteous anger of a person faced with a photo of them doing the thing that they say they didnt.
An old, 1970's photo, obviously real.
Imagine the person still denying it.

That one's a trip.


Tami- It is scary. Do they have some other interpretation of the words "that never happened?" Oh, and, details.

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