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December 20, 2011



I completely understand not using the "C" word. You don't want to accidentally wake up the gods from their slumber.

I am glad he has so many doctors being so proactive and ordering so many tests and looking so carefully.

This is all good stuff. Being so careful and looking so hard just means there won't be a thing to find. Repeat as needed.


And feel free to vent, rant, roar, whatever here. Patting your shoulder in the cyber world.


I was thinking of a different C word.

And don't be borrowing trouble. I am sure there was a perfectly reasonable explaination for using the equipment in the C building. Unrelated to C.


Brenda- Yes, only Gary is refusing to call to get the results, so it's futile.
Becs - RANT: today he said, "why should I tell my neurologist what's going on in my brain! It's none of his business!"
Zayrina - I would agree, only last night he had seizure activity for the very first time in years. But you are right; I like the idea of not "borrowing trouble." You don't have brain cancer until you do. A tiny part of me still holds out hope for Giant Cell Arteritis.


Having recently been on the oncology floor of a building, I understand your trepidation. My doctor rotated there from another, less CAPITALIZED floor. Fortunately, my diagnosis did not include the word. They do have good equipment in those buildings, though.


Wyo - okay, that's what I like to hear. They would have the best artery inflammation Meningitis West Nile Virus Ruling Out machine in the Cancer area. They'd have to find those things.

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