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December 03, 2011




Big Dot

Ewww. (No, autocorrect, not 'ewes'. I'll have none of that ovine stereotyping from you, thanks very much. Pft.)

Nasty dog. At least my old cat doesn't intentionally come back inside in the middle of the night with a dirty bottom just before he sprawls across my pillow. (Though it's as well for him when he does that, that I know the Grim Reaper is only a few steps behind him.)


Tessa Marie has never done a thing in the house since we got her. I don't know if it is related to breed or size. I had a Pomeranian when I was a kid and she was a spoiled evil little brat and would walk over right in front of us and poop on the carpet. The big dogs I have had never did things like that.

Yuck, poor you.

Hot Mom

I've been on to that little dog since the beginning.


Sounds to me like Mac didn't like the Scooba running alone when you weren't there (the barking at the door? Maybe it was too close to the door?), so he tried his best to stop it. Brave little beasty.


Marcia - Oh, shush. Your dog wore a diaper.
Big Dot - Eww. I though cats never were dirty.
Zayrina - Big Dogs, big bowels, I guess.
Hot Mom - Were you there at the tea party when he dropped a deuce in the middle of the circle of guests?
~~Silk - No, when he wants to come in he barks at the open door, I slam the door in his face, then he jumps up the step, scratches on the door, then I let him in. He has taken to this new habit. Can't break him of THAT habit.


Mac going inside to poop on purpose is a bad, bad thing. I don't even know how to begin fixing that, but fix it you *must*.

Did I tell you about the chihuahua that I don't miss? I'd take that dog out back and watch it poop, then run around and smell things, then poop again, then more running and sniffing, then poop *again*, then run back to me for petting, because she'd been such a good girl and pooped outside.

Then we'd go inside, she'd walk to the area rug, circle around, and if I wasn't quick, she'd poop a fourth time on the carpet - like she was saving it up on purpose.

The chihuahua never told me when she needed to go. Sometimes I was able to guess well, is all. I do not miss that dog.


Tami - Okay, further proof of the big dog / small dog Formula of Evil.


Seriously. The Anatolian shepherd has lived in my house for 67 days. The chihuahua would have done its business inside the house about 100 times by now. The shepherd is still at 0. Even when she had a UTI.


Tami - Man! But, can she cuddle?

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