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November 05, 2011



Whoa! You're, what, 15 or more years younger than I, and you lose your shoes?!

Thanks. I feel better.


You are such a card.


I'm forever kicking my shoes off under my desk.

So, how many of the other suggs did you submit? There were tons in there.

Hot Mom

They wouldn't even tell us what it was about.

Personally, I'm glad it was you. I've been horrified that Linda M_____ was going to pull me aside for some d@mn thing or another.

I wish we had gotten to hear it, it would have made the whole meeting much more pallatable.


~~Silk - They end up behind my office chair and then I roll over them.
Zayrina - It was a caper! Like Mom used to pull!
Caroline - I thought mine was the only one. How many others were there?
Hpt Mom - Were you there? Ha! You should have protested on behalf of openness and honesty.


Going around barefoot at work? Is that so wrong?


I would never go around barefoot at work. God knows what's on the floors, here! What have my coworkers stepped in? I don't know!

Total skeeve alert.


Hattie - some people really have issues about feet.
Tami - Would you go barefoot on a beach? A beach has even more of the unknown on it. Fish pee in particular.


I'm sorry to say that my barefoot on the beach days are over, as well. Not because I was being skeeved by fish pee, but because of my physical restrictions.

I still go to the beach, but if I do I'm wearing sneakers or water shoes.


Tami - More arch support anyway.

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