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November 13, 2011



Bacon, bacon, and bacon? They're trying to kill you and make you say "Thank you"!


They can't be pretentious; they spell "lardons" with an extra "o". Yokels.

I love grouper, too. It's very delicious.


Grouper, yes, although just to add a wee soupcon of guilt to your feast, they are being overfished. But they are tasty.

The other stuff doesn't appeal to me. One tiny bit.


~~Silk - Not just bacon, pork belly too.
Tami - I had to ask the waiter what it was. Am I not pretentioous, then?
Becs - Oh, damn, Should have had the triggerfish then.


Grouper are being over-fished? Damn.

I didn't mention this, but "lardons" is just French for "large bacon bits".

Apparently I am more pretentious than thou.


Tami - Good work. It is hard to be more pretentious than I.

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