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November 07, 2011



That seems like an excellent idea and one that will save many a back and shoulder.


I want that. I cannot, however, have that in my current abode. It's a townhouse, and our "driveways" are just lined parking spots in the street in front of our units. Plus, the homeowner's association just went for a full re-paving in 2010. There won't be another one for at *least* 10 years.

Still - awesome. You can not put a price on the awesomeness.


Not very green is it?


when i was a kid, there was a house down the street from us with one of those. they had a really steep driveway, not too long, and it was mesmerizing (and jealous making) to see it empty of snow in the winter.


oh my, I want one.

But then again, I'd have every cat in the neighborhood lounging on my driveway ...

Amy in StL

When I lived in Iowa, there were folks that had it in the newer subdivisions. It always seemed amazing; it also made me wonder if it's warm to the touch so you could walk out to the car without shoes.


We had a horrible winter the last year we lived in an apartment. When we put a contract on a house in February I drooled over the double garage. The next winter was the mildest ever. I hope for my sake that your new driveway is followed by a mild winter.


Hattie - It will save many a cold early morning conversation with sullen boys carrying snow shovels.
Tami - A townhouse. Now that makes me envious.
Zayrina - in winter I do not view Mother Nature favorably. My air conditioning isn't green either, but if she isn't going to play nice neither am I.
Magpie - I thought this was new-fangled!
RockyCat - Oh no - and then I'd run over them by accident. God knows what the groundhgs will do.Will they think it's spring? Will they wake up out of hibernation?
Amy In AtL - I don't know. I've never even heard of it before!
Caroline - well, it isn't going in till next year, so maybe it will follow the car washing rule and make 2012 a milk winter.


You're envious of my townhouse? Is it because I never have to mow the lawn?


Tami - Well, I assume it's a Georgian townhouse.

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