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November 12, 2011



Really? That's really how the menu reads? All those adverbs make me suspicious. It's too precious. Let us know how it was.


Becs - I felt bad, because I thought "no one but the St. Louisans will be interested in the actual menu or today's post." I am all off base with the descriptions. I heard the waiter say to someone that they don't have a very extensive wine list because they dont want to be seen as pretentious.


You could totally have a sideline in making up pretentious menus.


You couldn't be wrong-er about this appealing only to locals. Or, I mean, you could be wrong-er, I suppose, what do I know? But you're not strictly speaking right because I looooooooove hearing about restaurants I'll never go to.

No, really.

... as you would know if you could see what I've just downloaded: Farmhaus' online dinner menu. Damn, y'all: "Nachos - House made chips from local sweet potatoes, Salemville blue cheese, cherry wood smoked house bacon lardoons, fire-roasted red pepper catsup," for EIGHT TINY DOLLARS. I want to go to there.


Allison - You know what? I think someone needs to make one of my made-up menu choices.
Elsa - But really, chips with ketchup and blue cheese sound good to you? Even after seeing the photo?


No, once I shook off the hypnotic power of menu-speak and thought it over, I wanted nothing to do with those "nachos." But reading the menu? Ooooooh, yesssssssss.

And I don't even LIKE ketchup or blue cheese.

... yeah, I know.


Elsa - that's why I got them too. I hope menu writers don't start writing for candy companies.

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