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November 29, 2011



When I went through the disastrous bathroom remodel, I got a tall terlet. Now I nearly fall to the ground when being forced to use a shorty.


For me the issue is not toilet height but rather the lack of soap and water. My poo is, well, impervious to toilet paper. A bidet might be the answer. In any case i can never get clean in a public loo.

Rant: we drove to Omaha for Thanksgiving. All across Iowa I had to poo but could not because the rest stop toilet stalls appeared to have been purchased or appropriated from local elementry schools. When I am adjusting pants in preperation for a poo I do not want to be able to make eye contact with the lady in the stall next to me. My back door slams shut under these circumstances. I may write to their governor. : end of rant


Yes. I agree. The 14 to 15-inch high ones aren't ideal, but that's what I've got at home, and I can live with it. Anything lower than that is very uncomfortable for the average (fat) American. Here at work, if the ONE handicapped stall for my floor is occupied, I need to use the shorty next to it, and I wind up having to push myself up using the back wall. The non-professional should not try that maneuver.


Thank you SO much for validating my hatred of short toilets. So very hard on the knees, and challenging for cleanup.

The very thought of those Iowa rest stop stalls makes me constipated. If you are as tall as me, you have to be very, very careful not to look around - you can see down to the next person's knees if your eyes accidentally wander. We should all write the governor.

Maybe these would be helpful?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Electric_raised_toilet_seat_for_elderly.jpg
It may look like a daunting amount of technology for taking a biff, but if you add a bidet attachement and jetpack, you are set.


Becs -mom got a taller toilet too. Easier to stand up.
Zayrina - nightmare. Never traveling there!
Tami - fat, yes, but again how do the pregnant do this? I cant be the only long-waisted fat person unable to reach around.
Mare- Mom needed that thing!



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