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October 26, 2011



I cannot help for I have not watched, and in some cases haven't heard of, any of those shows. I can, however, explain all the fine nuances of Storage Wars. I suppose I should hang my head in shame now.

Amy in StL

I watched the first season of Breaking Bad then it got too weird and complicated for me to care. I really, REALLY wanted to like Prohibition. I love documentaries, I love St. Louis, I love alcohol.... but I only managed to drag through the first two. Just delete You Don't Know Jack; if you need to cry I'm sure you can find other ways... no one needs that kind of trauma.

Terri in SF

You should watch Prohibition - I just finished Part 2 and knowing the back story and some of the actual players added to my enjoyment quotient of Boardwalk Empire exponentially.


Is it weird that I already know who all the real people in Boardwalk Empire are? I suspect that it's because of New Jersey, and because I had a grandfather in the wholesale business when Meyer Lansky was a major player around here.

I don't think you should feel guilty about to many things on your TiVo. I think you should think of it like storing supplies for the TV apocalypse.


30 Rock is smart and hilarious and it is absolutely worth the TiVo space!


Zayrina - My mom got a phone call from a strange man cross-country who had bought my dads camera case at one of those auctions. (Dave stopped paying, Dad had put a name and address and phone tag on the camera case.) So, I can't watch that show.
Amy in StL - I think Breaking Bad will be like that for me too, only, I already don't care.
Terri in SF (hi, Terri!) - I will, then. Oooo. The last episode of BE I watched ended with [SPOLIER] a big slapping pervert beat-down scene. Usually I say no to violence, but that was remarkable.
Tami - I'm having trouble keeping track of the out of town gangsters. Meyer Lansky was Bugsy Seigels boss? Of course, Bugsy is Warren beatty to me.
Megan - It just gets better each season. Has the new season started yet? And did you hear the next version of Series 7 is weighted LESS on options and Muni bonds?


Bugsy and Meyer worked together. In the show, he's the short Jewish guy running the card game with Lucky.


I really liked Boardwalk Empire the first season until about the last two episodes and then I found it to be tedious. Feel the same about Season 2. There's nothing good left to watch anymore.


Tami - I need to pay more attention. I did relate to the first season Harding illegit baby storyline because I am distantly step-related to Mrs Harding.
Candy - Yeah, there's no good character being drawn in to corruption. Everyone's just in the same place as when they started.

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