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October 27, 2011



I hope he had a bathroom in his office. Otherwise...eww...


I... I don't know how I feel about this. I have no opinion!

Amy in StL

I know I'm the only one in the country (probably the universe) that doesn't think Steve Jobs was the messiah of electronics. Yes, he had some great ideas; I also think he was a micro-managing autocrat. He was weird and forced his weirdness on others because he could. Like a lot of nerdy computer types that I know he felt his way was the only way and looked down upon those who didn't agree. I can't wait to read more about his foibles. (My boyfriend thinks I'm a horrible person for this. Meh.)


I've known guys like Jobs. They had all his traits without the success.


Hattie - Let's see...megalomania. Irrational fits of rage. Hyperinflated sense of self that simply becomes narcissism. Weird things with feet. Yep. That could be my ex-husband.

Big Dot

Can't actually see how he did it - not enough room or water in our loos, or any I can remember seeing. He'd have to have poked his foot down towards the U-bend, and that doesn't sound very comfortable or relaxing. The man would have done better to install a bidet. He could have afforded one for each foot,


Becs - You know, the pee and poo are flushed away. Woosh! And maybe he flushed an extra time before he put his feet in.
Tami - Yes! Because you are not swayed by the "ick" factor.
Amy in StL - Nope, I know a womam who drove him once from the airport to some particular place in her home state. Eventually she had to ask him to stop peppering her with rapid-fire questions because it made her too nervous to drive. I think she blamed cocaine, but it could also have been mania.
Hattie - I have never worked for a male boss with any of Jobs qualities. Usually they are idiots.
Becs - "Weird things with feet" Explain.
Big Dot - We have about a third of a bowl of water in our bowl. Enough in fact to drop a sponge map in to rinse it out. Then you flush and you can rinse again. Very handy.

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