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October 05, 2011



I feel cheated that there was no squirrel on 9-11 when we went. Nuts.


We could have used a rally squirrel at Comerica part on Tuesday night to help my Tigers...


I like squirrels more than baseball. This might be because I was raised in a NY Mets household.

Amy in StL

I don't know.... The squirrels not only ate all my tomatoes, most of my cucumbers and a lot of my eggplants this summer; they're now digging in the pots where I have the carrots planted and disrupting that crop. Rally squirrel is going to have to bring home more than a meager pennant for me to forgive his entire species.


Comerica PARK. Excuse my typo, I'm using most of my energy to will the Tigers to victory tonight...


Has Rally Squirrel lost his magic? That is so poignant.


Zayrina - I am convinced that right now people at the stadium are training squirrels. They claim they are catching and releasing them elsewhere, but everyone knows squirrels are territorial and will just return.
Kristie - I think your Tigers are just fine without a squirrel ...
Tami - May I remind you the Mets are pond scum. That should take you back.
Amy in StL - What about the Series? How about that? How many tomatoes is that worth? Listen to me defending the tree rats.
Kristie - Congrats, then!
Hattie - A recent tweet: "I AM MAGIC." Also, I hear you have planes crashing off your coast.

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