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October 10, 2011



At Bruce Hornsby concerts, people trek to the stage and leave song requests. A roadie gathers them up from time to,time. I think some sorting is done then Bruce chooses. There are also requests shouted from the crowd.


1. If you mean the coming-in-finding-your-seat music, that's usually the venue, unless the band requests otherwise.

2. Bailey's, double, neat.

"Fingers" depends on the size and shape of the glass. "Double" gets you two shots, or three ounces. (A regular shot glass won't hold two shots.)

3. Mold.


Silk is right. Normally I correct, but this time I just agree. On all of it.

Amy in StL

According to the googles, ash trees are called that because their name came from an Old English word that meant Spear.

Also, you definitely order any shot as neat without ice and double as twice the amount but that's beside the point - there's a liquor out there that tastes like a cinnamon roll. I overheard someone at lunch talking about it. Cinnamon roll!


Becs - That is so NICE. Only request I know of that BNL accepted was on behalf of a dead fan.
Silk -nope, not mold. See below.
Tami -still not mold. See below.
AmyinStL- cinnamon roll liquor? A liquor, not a concoction like a chocolate cake shot?

All - the next time I entered the garage I thought, "it's the smell from grade school." The time after that I thought, "hamsters."

It is wood shavings, from the pencil sharpener in school and the stuff hamsters lie on.


Pencil shavings and hamster bedding is cedar.

Amy in StL

Turns out it's called Rumchada.


~~Silk - that is a distinction my nose does not appreciate. It was close enough.
Amy in StL - on closer research, Rumchata, a form of horchata, made famous by Vampire Weekend. http://rumchata.com/index.php

Hot Mom

1) The bartender or bar management chooses the music that plays in the bar unless it is being performed live or there is a jukebox.

2) Double Bailey's, neat.

3) I've never left nine bags of wet leaves in my garage for an extended period of time, I don't know what it would smell like other than mold.


Hot mom - mine were not at all wet, that must be why I noticed them

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