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October 09, 2011


Big Dot

...with very dainty fingertips, natch.

So, no llama-type reaction to the Mucinex then?


I love tobiko. It is both crunchy and salty, and what's not to love about that. The fact that it's pretty, too, is totally icing on the cake.


I'd be all over that Crunchy Pig, even with cilantro.


Big Dot - Nope, in fact if anything it makes me a little wired. I have no llama blood in my past.
Tobiko - of course, It would kill me if I ate it. I assume. I could not take the wasabi, and then of course my raw egg allergy would puish me over the brink.
Kristie- Bacon sushi! Of course ... it occurs to me they might serve the bacon raw...


Very few raw bacons are crispy. I think you're safe on that one.


Love the Loop.....

The closest thing the Lou has to Madison's State Street.....


Tami -what if it's the pork belly that's crisp?

Benchmark- it's been taken over with too many chains, though.

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