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October 29, 2011



If the fix was in all the playoff series would have gone the distance too. They didn't. But what a great story. 10 1/2 back in August. Just got the Wildcard by a hair.
Then dismantled the Phillies, The Brewers, and the Rangers in succession. But Thursday night it could have gone either way and I was afraid they were done. What a comeback team. Woo Hoo St. Louis!


What is next for Rally Squirrel? Letterman? Leno? Conan? Clearly he was instrumental on the road to glory and should be rewarded appropriately.


So happy for the Cardinals and all their fans. :) I was hoping with all my might they would beat those stinkin' Rangers who beat up on my Tigers!


Benchmark - that is comforting!
Zayrina - I hope you saw him on the postgame show! He was passed arounf while the media interviewed Pujols.
Kristie - Loser Rangers! Of course, they worked hard all season and we coasted.


I was on an adrenaline high for weeks. I think it finally wore off today.

Zayrina - What you may not have heard outside of St. Louis is that the rally squirrel is also responsible for a new playground at Cardinal Glennon hospital. Rally Squirrel merchandise sold for the benefit of this playground that incorporates therapy methods. Here's an article on it, although the total is now close to $300K.



Caroline - my brother wants an official non-squirrel WS sweatshirt. Where do they sell those? Macys? Kohls? The stadium?


All of the above. I remember that Dillards had a good selection in 2006. I saw non-squirrel t-shirts at Shop 'n Save that featured pictures of about 10 player, but not Freese. WTH?


Caroline - I'll try Walmart first, since I'm looking for a 3XL.

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