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October 04, 2011


Big Dot

Well, it is a big country. There's a lot to keep track of. I have trouble even here, distinguishing the Bay of Plenty from Poverty Bay, which on the face of it you'd think would be obvious; plus I've even been to both places.

I would love to go up to that bit of North America, though I was thinking Nova Scotia, or even Newfoundland. (I do realise they're in Canada. Land of my father!)


I gave up a long time ago with having any expectations about Americans knowing anything about geography.


Acadia National Park in Maine is gorgeous and well worth the trip, by the way! And Maine looks sort of the same as Florida to me, only Florida is surrounded on 3 sides by water instead of by Canada.



I started off this post thinking, "Hah! Danish! Pastries!"

Then I was like, all *what* coastline? WTF, west coast? North Coast? Where's this joke going? Gulf of *whom*?

And then I thought about it, and you know, I used to think that California was the *entire* western US coastline until I was 12, so maybe it's not that big a deal.

No, I can't get past it. I'm shocked.


I had to read that coastline of Maine business more times than I care to admit.


Food for thought, indeed.


The people in Maine are creepy. Stephen King. Say no more.


Lobsters. Say no more.


Alright I take that back.

Lobsters, Lobsters, Lobsters. Yum.


Big Dot - Cape of Good Hope vs Cape Horn. Which is which? I always have to look that up too.
Zayrina - Sigh. I know. I checked out our other border and was happy to see Mexico is where I thought it was.
Suburbancorrepondent - I think Maine looks like a tumescent Florida.
Tami - I think I was 25 before I could recognize west coast states other than California.
Magpie - It is hard to let go of lifelong beliefs.
Hattie - Danish food for thought.
Becs - Or, say lobsters.
Benchamark- The lobsters from the Gulf of Canada are the best.


Hey, we're not ALL creepy.

...I mean, I am, sure. But not everyone.


Elsa - Becs lives in New Jersey. She might be dishing some back.

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