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October 18, 2011



Ooh! Soup! I'll make soup on Thursday night! Thanks!

I've just discovered 2 grocery stores that I like less than 10 minutes from the new office, and both of them are directly in my "way home" path. I can pick up non-frozen groceries before my exhausting ride home, and then have nice fresh ingredients to cook with when I arrive. I love this plan.


Oh, and also, the grain craving is kind of weird. You're totally right about that.

Amy in StL

OMG, what if it wasn't Barium but was some kind of vegan voodoo medicine? Maybe your body's defense was to try and kill it with steak but now (horror of horrors) the organic, crunchy hippy voodoo has taken over. Please tell us this passes....


Tami - It's like a compulsion. Veggophilia. Grain Crave.
Amy in StL - Ok, get this. For a special baseball lunch the cafeteria served hot dogs. Instead, I had pasta with vegetables, plus a serving of grilled vegetables, WITH A SIDE OF VEGETABLES. Two helpings of veggies plus pasta primavera. I had a hot dog when I got home to try and snap myself out of it.

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