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September 01, 2011



The bread will be stale if you try to keep it 'til then?

Amy in StL

You didn't mistakenly think it was Sept 1, did you?


Silly gooses.


All - You are all right to some extent, but Amy in StL wins the prize! We went downtown, ate dinner at the fancy Lumiere place and at 6:30 I checked to be sure we had enough time before the show, and come to find out we had a month and 30 minutes.


Ha ha! Very clever. We're going out to a fancy restaurant as guests of Terry's cousin. I will take my camera.


Santa suggested that it is better to be a month and 30 minutes early than a month and 30 minutes late. It also sounds like something he would do since he is king of silly gooses.


I was going to say that the ticket was "General Admission" and we all know that Spunky is much better than that these days.


Aside from the obvious, a 20% surcharge is ridiculous.


Well, driving to the venue to pick up tickets would be ridiculous too.


Look at it this way: you got Gary out of the house.


Hattie - You see people photographing the food in restaurants quite often now.
Zayrina - The tickets were on the fridge for a month saying "Oct" when I nored it on the calendar, too. I am the silliest goose.
Becs - Front row Spunky. She needs to have her People get her better seats.
Marcia - True. All the way downtown.


My housemate and her ex went to the opera once, in Manhattan - the night after the performance they had tickets for. I felt a lot worse for them than I do for you.

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