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September 28, 2011


Big Dot

You're willing to take something that's a knockout drug for llamas? Good grief.

(And to think I considered Mucinex for my post-nasal drip. I shall continue to hack and spit.)

(You're welcome.)


Apparently, all my mucus is in my, um, intestinal parts because when I take Mucinex, it's one long day in the ladies' room.

BTW, for other peculiar and arcane medical beliefs, I do think that donating blood after menopause is a good idea. Gets things stirred up. I know it makes no sense. So it goes.


I thing "hurse" is one of those typos fraught with deep meaning. A combination of hearse and nurse, yes deep significance: Or just a typo.

Normal aging is at the root of some of this stuff, sinuses going into hyper-drive, peeing with every sneeze, brown spots turning up on my hands and face it takes courage to get older. I wonder what other horrors lie ahead.


Haha a typo when poking fun at someone else's-poetic justice!

Amy in StL

I love Two Broke Girls and I've tried to like New Girl; but she's just a lame nerdy stereotype. The guys on The Big Bang Theory are great, I know guys like that. However, clearly Hollywood can't figure out how to make a girl a geek without making her a loser. Girl geeks need to band together against that!


"You're willing to take something that's a knockout drug for llamas?"

Are you kidding? Who wouldn't DEMAND to take something that's a knockout drug for llamas?


"hurse" is a great word...I am now going to think of myself as one when I am working with patients who are *difficult*. You have added to my list of humor-related coping skills.


Big dot - actually it has been giving me the shakes.
Becs - hm. I have yet to experience that.
Zayrina- the big concern about aging today is wrinkly eye bags. Gary's eyes aged ten years overnight.
Amy in StL -we saw Suburgatoty - not bad. Some good writing.
Elsa - I don't get how a drug with a 2.5 hour half life can come in a 12 hour dose. Lamas or no.
Mare - I like Hurse too - we shall see if I have opportunities to use it.


Start running or swimming or biking or something.....


Benchmark - how about yardwork? At least that's productive.

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