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September 01, 2011



The Mighty Vagina!


Does Gary know what you have in store for him?


Congratulations. You have made me once again think specifically about something that never would have popped in to my head on its own.


"I clenched my Kegels in quiet rage."

Thank you for writing things that make me incontinent. This blog post was worth it.


There is nothing remotely mediocre about any part of you - Gary should quake in fear.


I don't want to make you laugh, so I won't say anything funny.
Good luck with all this hoo -ha.


Becs- Yes! Like Mom and her Mighty Leg, I have a Mighty Vagina. I see the Kegel measurer tomorrow, we shall see what she says.
Magpie - the Kegel Death Grip? Yes he does.
Tami - Bruce Willis?
Megan - (That made me smile too.)
Allison - OH! just tonight he said my vagina was FAT. Not my labia. My vagina. I said, "That's like saying "Your gums have gotten fat." "No," he said, "You're really soft inside and years ago you were lean and muscular." I'm going to have them install retractable barbs in my vagina if they go in there.
Hattie - Hoo-ha! Snort! That was funny, yet I am dry. I can Kegel through a laugh or cough or sneeze. It's the choking that gets me.


Okay, so what was the Kegel measurer's verdict? You have a responsibility to your avid readers—who are waiting with bated breath (just plain bated, not the other kind)—to finish the story!


Vince- I was exhausted afterward! I'm still exhausted after the PT, and there's my birthday party at the in laws, and it requires explanation. I'm working on it!

This isn't the whole verdict,but I can say I am somewhat vindicated. Contractions were excellent "For my age."

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