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September 17, 2011


Big Dot

Thank God for that! My Reader just showed the photo, so I was goggling at the liquid in that measuring cup thinking NO, not even the Queen would do that! But there was doubt...


They are known as "pilgim's hats". Especially fun when catching number deux.


Big Dot - I chose the orange soda over the white wine because I was concerned the wine would look too much like urine. Until today I was not aware how much my urine looks like orange soda.
Zayrina - my brochure calls it "a special hat." I read that an thought it was odd they suggested I should pee in a hat. Makes more sense now.


I, too, have heard them referred to as both "hats" and "pilgrim's hats" when involved in medical procedures that required them. They look like a hat when they're upside down. Don't check that if it's full. You might bruise the nectarine.


Tami - Must resist urge ... do not take photo...




Hattie - I like the color palette.

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