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September 20, 2011



I always buy toilet paper in bulk. It's about 30 rolls at a time, and I buy tp about 3 times a year. Probably more if I'm doing a lot of entertaining.

Now you know.

Amy in StL

I have so little room in my condo - or so much crap - that I wish I could only buy 4 rolls of tp at a time instead of 9 or 12. Also, my mom knows how the porch spiders freak me out and this spring she confessed that if they know I'm coming she goes out the night before with a broom and knocks them down.


As long as spunky doesn't use the kitchen sponge to tidy herself up, I'd be good with it - http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/home/cleaner-toilet-bowl-or-kitchen-sponge.htm - just don't share this with Gary...


You only have to make it to the fourth bulb for your bulk purchase to be worthwhile.


Tami - That sounds like 2 rolls a week. We are truly at 6 rolls a week. The latest rolls are a gag gift from the Wonderfuls and they feel like silk. Charmin Ultra.
Amy - What a good mom! You know the funnel spiders make webs on the lawn too.
Mare - I have to, because after he screamed about the toilet the next time I washed my feet it was in the kitchen sink with the kitchen sponge. But I was uncomfortable doing it. I would have preferred to use the toilet. (If I am mopping up dog pee in the hallway I also use the toilet as a mop rinse bucket.)
Caroline - you are going to ace the Series 7.


I'm only at about 2 rolls a week because I'm only awake when I'm in my house for about 4 hours a day. I think. 5-6:15am, and either 6 to 10 or 7:30 to 10. So I'd say 4 on average, which means I use my own bathroom when I get home, right before bed, and when I wake up.

I wish work didn't keep me away from home so much.


Tami - I thought you had a roomate. Does Trixie have her own tp?

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