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September 03, 2011


Big Dot

I'd like to say how fascinating this was, and how I appreciate your candour, and how heart-warming it is when you go to a specialist and they know straight away exactly what's the matter because, you know, they're specialists - but actually? I'm still stuck trying to get my head round the concept of "the FIRST five minutes".


I admit, you are the first person I've known who has gone for vaginal physical therapy. It sounds like something offered in Chinatown, $10 for 10 minutes.


Thanks for the image of your vagina playing a concertina.


Big Dot - Huh? What? OH. As opposed to "the rest of the minutes." Ha!
Becs - It is weird, isn't it? It's all about the muscle. Thank God she chose the vaginal portal.
Mershy - The image of Terry Schiavo playing baseball didn't bother you?


How did you think it was normal for sex to hurt? I wouldn't be a nymph if it *hurt*!

I'm stunned at some if our similarities, with the frequent going and the poorly conceived straining. If I wait 3 hours... I can't wait 3 hours.

Still, painful sex? That'd send me to my OBGYN immediately. I have priorities.

At the end of this incredibly self-centered comment, let me say that I'm really glad that you found someone who can help you!


Tami - I know. It only hurts at the beginning, and then it feels so nice you can ignore the pain. And now that I don't go when I feel the itch, only when I know I'm full, I am only going every 4 hours. Of course, I don't recommend that. Every one is different.


What a heartwarming story of twat technology - who knew? I'm with Tami in the camp of *painful sex*-Whaaat?! So glad you are getting help.


Mare - Twat tech to the rescue. And I can't say it was painful sex, it was just a few painful minutes as preface to an hour or two of very pleasant sex. Can't judge something by the first few minutes.


This is oddly fascinating.


Magpie - I kept saying that to the therapist! "Fascinating."

Hot Mom

You give new meaning to the concept of "uptight."

You might have her teach Gary how to do the massaging. He'd probably like that.


Hot Mom - Gary is refusing to participate in any massaging. Sex, he'll participate in, just to see how things are progressing.

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