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September 13, 2011


Big Dot

The question is, are you pursing your lips (on your face) when you do the exercises? Dead giveaway, apparently.


This is a lot of information.


Maybe watching this video will help you relax your pelvic floor...


I'm just sayin'


Is it helping? I want to know if PT could help me tighten things up since I always pee myself when I sneeze anymore. Seriously.


Please tell me this post has nothing to do with why you invited me to your house.

Big Dot

(Did she ask you to bring wine, Caroline? Be afraid...)


Big Dot - Oh, no. I count on my fingers though, up to five three times through.
Hattie - But I was restrained! I didn't even tell you about The Chair. ( http://www.exmi-fit.com/neocontrol.php )
Brenda - Yes! I'm so glad you linked that. I like the white skin with the white hair. It's like a very subtle linen and porcelain table setting.
Zayrina - We won't know if the relaxation is in my imagination until tomorrow morning. But I think it's working.
Caroline - Nope. I'll even give you a special preview of my risotto for dinner. You can use my oven to bake brownies.
Big Dot - No! No wine. She might want it once she's here.


Your exercises come with a Bauhaus chair?


Tami - my first search hit was the same device next to a shabby used chair. It looked sketchy, so I kept searching.

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