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September 08, 2011



One of the best shows on television. I'll miss it too.


I look forward to watching all of it in an ill-advised Netflix marathon, as is my wont.

Amy in StL

I hadn't seen the last few seasons, but when I saw the series finale was on last night I figured I should watch it. Maybe not the best idea now that I'm dating a city fireman - but it was a great show. The scene on the side of the road cracked me up!


I love this show so much. I haven't watched the last 3 episodes yet, because when I do it really will be over.


Dave2 - So good. And a former fireman friend vouches for its accuracy, even though he's never seen it. (He refuses. I assume it would bring his ghosts back.)
Tami - I have "Breaking Bad" on my TiVo queued up for a marathon.
Amy in StL - When he walks away from the box? Absolutley.
Kristie - Yeah. But you know, there are all kinds of internet-only scenes on the official web site. So it's like BNL B-sides, I can always listen to them when I am old.

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